The Process


Introducing an emotional release technique called


                 What is “The Process” or Emotional Release Healing? 


Processing is a way of looking at incorrect belief systems and misperceptions that have been created and 

stored in the subconscious mind as a result of experiencing stress, pain or trauma.  These belief systems are

created automatically by the mind (usually at very early ages).  They are stored in the heart and are there to

protect us against future pain, embarrassment, trauma, etc.  They are meant to keep us safe, and allow us to

continue on with life while making sense of our experiences.  This is very important to our development and

serves an important function for a period of time.  The problem comes when that protection is no longer

needed but is now interfering with our ability to make changes in our life.


These negative beliefs and misperceptions can affect many areas of life such as relationships parenting, 

self-esteem/self-worth, career satisfaction, health, financial security and others.

In order for true change to occur, the environment of the heart must change.  The environment of the

heart is what controls behaviors.  When the heart is holding onto pain from the past, behaviors and decisions

come from a position of "need" or "protection"  and people are more likely to use limiting, self-sabotaging



In discovering, understanding and changing these belief systems, the heart heals and the energy of the

body is used in more effective ways.  Decisions and behaviors come from a position of strength and power. 

Hearts are open to giving and receiving love.  People mature emotionally, improve the effectiveness

of their communication, and release toxins that affect the functions of the body.  Physical and emotional

health can improve significantly when the power of the mind, body and spirit work together to bring about

healing and well-being.



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