The therapy I have received from you is not like any other therapy I have ever had.  In previous

             therapies I left feeling very much the same as I did before going in.  The therapy I am receiving

             from you feels like it is getting to the core of why I feel the way I do and I leave feeling cleaner

            and lighter inside.  I truly feel things are changing for me and I now have hope that things will

            continue to get better, which I have not been able to feel in a very long time.    S

             Before starting Emotional Release Therapy I was experiencing frequent bouts of depression.  After

             just a few "processes" (IPT) I noticed that, not only was I feeling depressed less often, but the bouts were

             much milder.  My outlook on life has changed and I am experiencing greater joy in life's  



             The therapy I received through these processes (IPT) with Barbara was extremely helpful and

             enlightening to go back in my life to certain years and feel and see what was going on. 

             My weaknesses and challenges became clear to me.  Through Barbara's skillful guidance, I 

             was able to turn over all of these weaknesses, difficulties and fears to Christ.  It was truly an

             amazing experience going through this emotional release therapy and feeling the Savior's great love. 

             I have felt more love for myself, for my Savior and for others.  Most of all, I have felt an enormous  

            amount of gratitude.  Barbara has an extraordinary gift of taking you safely and lovingly through 

            these difficult but essential processes (IPT) with sensitivity and understanding to bring about lasting 

           healing through the Master physician.




             I am so grateful for the Processing sessions (IPT) that I have been able to do with Barbara.  I have become

             a much stronger and far better person than I was before I started.  I have been able to overcome a

             lifetime of learned behaviors and have been able to heal from 19 years of emotional abuse.  Without

             these sessions I would still be the bruised and broken woman that I was before instead of the strong,

             confident woman who knows she is worthy of the love of her Heavenly Father and those around her.

             Thank you Barbara,



    Dear Barbara,

    I would just like to take a few minutes and thank you for all you have done for me in the past year.

    When I first started with you I was frozen up inside.  I had finally reached a point where I wasn't

    even functioning emotionally, physically or spiritually.  I felt God had left me.  I was depressed,

    angry, hurt, you name it, I felt it.  When I first came to you I had been going to another counselor

    and it wasn't working and I didn't know if this would work either.  I didn't know how pulling out

    feelings and giving them shapes and colors was going to do anything, but I knew, Barbara, you

    cared and you kept telling me I would come through this.  You always remained strong and kind

    and loving and after each session I would feel much better for 3-4 days and then something else

    would start to come up and I would feel panicked and scared.  Some nights I felt so much fear I

    couldn't sleep.  I couldn't work.   It was one of my darkest times living through my past.  I had

    been sexually abused several times by family members and I had pushed those memories so far

    down that I had forgotten them, but they had not forgotten me. 


    My life had been on hold for a long time.  I had not been successful in my marriage, even though

    we have been married for 32 years.  I have had commitment and intimacy problems for years. 

    It was hard to be a good mom and I didn't know why I was always so over protective with my     

    children or why I felt so much anger and sadness in the same emotions.  I was withdrawn inside

    myself.  I  couldn’t even see how much pain my poor husband was in, but at the time I started 

    processing (IPT) all  I could work on and handle was me and some days I couldn’t even do that.  As I

    continued, sometimes  I would ask you “do you even think I am going to make it through?”  

    And you would always reassure  me that I would.


    Because of all the pain I have been through emotionally, I had grown to feel all men were male

    chauvinist pigs.  I loved my husband but I hated most men.  Barbara, I thank you for hanging in

    there because I am truly OK now.  There was a light at the end of a very dark tunnel.  For the past

    2 months I have experienced happiness and peace.  I no longer hate men and I have been able to

    forgive the men who hurt me sexually.


    As I was coming home from a session awhile back after I had gone through all of this, it had rained

    and there was a beautiful rainbow in the sky and my husband asked “where’s our pot of gold at the

    end of that rainbow?”  And I just replied, “it’s peace and happiness.  That’s our gift from God, and it’s

    worth more to me than money.  We’ve had a rough 32 years but we have the rest of our lives to be



    Barbara if this letter will help anyone you are helping to hang on and get through their dark times,

    please feel free to use this.  I cannot even tell you how much better life is, not only for me, but for

    my husband and children and friends.

    I have tried 5 or 6 counselors in my lifetime of trying to find myself and none of them ever got me

    well.   I don’t think I could say enough to say how much I love and appreciate you for helping me   

    get my life back and feel so much happiness.  Even when trials are still coming I’m happy.



             L. S.           



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