Frequently Asked Questions 



Is Integrative Processing Technique (IPT) like traditional counseling or therapy?

IPT is different than traditional counseling.  It is in the field of psycho-neuro-immunology (PNI), which is the science of how our thoughts and feelings affect our health.  The intricate systems of the body are in constant communicaiton with each other.  As people go through life's experiences these lines of communication can be interrupted by stress, trauma, injuries, loss, etc.  This interruption can affect physical, mental or emotional health.  IPT is a way to re-establish those lines of communication so that optimal health and well-being can be enjoyed. 


Can IPT be done along with traditional counseling?

IPT does not interfere with any traditional counseling methods and can actually be a great support to traditional therapies and enhance the healing process.

How long does a IPT session take?

The average IPT session takes about 1-1½ hrs.







How is IPT done?

IPT is done by integrating knowledge and information from many healing modalities such as MRT (muscle response testing), guided imagery, NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), speak out feelings, role play, inner child work, visualization, and forgiveness work.


Can IPT work for children?

Yes.  Using IPT with children is slightly different than when used with adults.  Children are not always able to verbalize their feelings and emotions easily so coloring is used to help release the negative emotions.  Children respond very well to IPT because they have not been functioning from incorrect belief systems for several years therefore it is easier for them to let go. IPT even works on non-verbal children.

 What is the cost?

Sessions are $125.00 for adults 18 yrs. and older

                       $85.00 for children under 18 yrs.

How can I schedule a IPT session?

IPT sessions can be scheduled by calling:


or e-mail:  trueperceptionsaz@gmail.com




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